Emergency Community Food Pantry of Franklin County


                                                                                                    Current Food Drives

Thanks for visiting the Emergency Community Food Pantry website.  We hope your interest evolves into a desire to help us end hunger in Franklin County KY.

This pantry is operated by over 50 volunteers; it has no paid staff.  Generous people in churches, social groups, businesses and concerned neighbors, like you, donate groceries and/or money to keep the food pantry operating.  We invite you to join our team in any way you can.  Please see our web page How You Can Help above.  Choose one of the ways listed.  You will feel better about yourself knowing that you are making a difference in some person's life.

The ancient but thoughtful words attributed to Confucius (551BC - 479 BC) "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" remain true today. 

Light your candle and help shine a brighter light in Franklin County for hungry families! 

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Help Feed Hungry Families in Franklin County Kentucky. Donate Online.

Your donation is tax deductible.