Emergency Community Food Pantry of Franklin County

Three Candles Still Burn Brightly

The initial motivation to create a local food pantry began in 1981 by three friends (Jane Quire, Terri Fadse and Allice LeMaster) who believed that something local needed to be done to address the economic and social disintegration of families in Franklin County Kentucky.  As social service professionals, they saw the disasterous effects of a failing local economy on families and children.  After spreading the word about the severity of the need, people from other social service agencies and churches gathered at subsequent developmental meetings.  The idea spread to meet the growing need.  A Board of Directors was formed in October 26, 1981. 

Although it started on a small scale, its mission was grand: 

1. establish a crisis food center where members of the social delivery system can obtain food for their clients in need.
2. operate the Pantry with volunteers on a professional basis to effect an efficient and functional distribution of food.
3. strengthen the relationship of churches, community organizations, social service agencies and interested citizens.

As a 501(c) 3 charitable organization, the mission continues today serving nearly 8,000 people in 2012.

Emergency Community Food Pantry of Franklin County Board of Directors


 Dr. E. Terry Magel, President    

 Warner Caines, Vice President

 Charlotte Lewis, Treasurer

 Sandra Parker, Secretary

Jim Anderson

 William Canon III

 John Cubine    

 Bill Tabor

 Diana Taylor    

 Garnett Huelette

 Patrick Abell

 Willie Lile

 Alene Ransdell

 Jim True